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The Journal of the Malcolm Arnold Society

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Issue 5 October 2018
64 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • Malcolm Arnold’s concertos: masterpieces of mélange by Isaac Adni
  • “Just great”: Malcolm Arnold’s Clarinet Concerto No.2, Op.115 by Eleanor Fox
  • The Arnold Quartets revisited by Piers Burton-Page
  • Lamond Clelland: piccolo player by Alan Poulton
  • Arnold’s shortest symphony: the Toy Symphony by Alan Poulton
  • Fantasy for Harp by Osian Ellis
  • Pilot Officer Philip Arnold (1919-1940) by Anthony Meredith
  • Elgar’s influence on Malcolm Arnold by Dr Raphael Thoene
  • Malcolm Arnold and the BBC by Alan Poulton
  • From the archives: Beckus 2004

Price: £10

Issue 4 October 2017
64 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • More Fantasies for Solo Instruments
  • Thomas Merritt: “Music is meat and drink to me”
  • Arnold’s ‘other’ Ballets
  • Arnold film and concert music on 7″ vinyl
  • Invitation to the Dance
  • The Symphonies of Malcolm Arnold
  • Letters between Malcolm Arnold and William Walton
  • Donald Mitchell on Malcolm Arnold
  • From the archives: Beckus 2002-2003

Price: £10 £7.50

Issue 3 October 2016maestro_3

64 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • The brass instrument Fantasies
  • Through the soloists’ eyes: Harmonica concerto
  • Arnold’s published film music
  • The Haweses: a musical family
  • A bibliographical update
  • From the archives: Beckus 2000-2002

Price: £10 £5.00

Issue 2 October 2015maestro_2

  • Henry Christophe and other operas
  • Dennis Brain and the Horn Concerto
  • Birmingham International Wind Competition 1966
  • National Youth Orchestra
  • Kwai: a cinematic review
  • Arnold on LP

Price: £10 £5.00

Issue 1 October 2014maestro_1
Articles from Beckus 1991-2000 including:

  • Malcolm Arnold and Jon Lord
  • The ballet music
  • Malcolm Arnold and me (by Joe Mendoza)
  • Film music: the Arnold-Lean trilogy

Price: £10 £5.00

Complete Print Discography 2015
Including rare and deleted items 20 pages

Price: £2.50

Beckus – All Back Issues
All 110 issues of the Beckus Society newsletter, from 1991, when the Society was founded, to the present.
These are available in PDF format on CD.

Price: £15.00

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