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Beckus 112

Are you a member of the Malcolm Arnold Society?

Then the brand new issue of Beckus (No 112) should be with you shortly.

Are you a member of the Malcolm Arnold Society?

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The contents:

  • Second Eton College Malcolm Arnold competition
  • Five Pieces for violin and piano in Italy
  • Double Violin Concertos in Ealing & Faversham
  • Oboe Concerto in Suffolk & English Dances in Norfolk
  • Symphony for Strings in Greenwich – St Paul’s Sinfonia
  • Our Classical Century: The Bridge on the River Kwai
  • Hobson’s Choice – Music From the Motion Pictures
  • The return of The Three Musketeers
  • Lot 86 – A postscript to the Norwich auction of ‘The Sir Malcolm Arnold Collection’
  • The ‘Inn of the Sixth Happiness’ plaque in North Wales
  • The significance of Malcolm Arnold by David Mellor and Robert Matthew-Walker
  • Book Review: The Classical Music Map of Britain
  • Society accounts and subscription information
  • From the archives
  • Performance diary