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A Malcolm Arnold Musical Companion

A Malcolm Arnold Musical Companion

A new publication from the Malcolm Arnold Society edited by Alan Poulton and David Dunstan is now available in Hardcover and Paperback.

There are already several excellent books on the life and works of Malcolm Arnold, one of the greatest British composers of the twentieth century.
This book does not seek to duplicate those but to present new material and fresh insights into his music, including newly commissioned essays about the often-neglected choral music and songs. As well as surveys of more familiar works such as the overtures and concertos, ballets and fantasies, we include fascinating details about lesser-known works, and even some works which have been lost and projects which never saw the light of day.
We are grateful to several well-respected authors who have contributed new material, including Simon Toyne on the choral music, Stephen Banfield on the songs, Kenneth Kam on the guitar works, Piers Burton-Page on the overtures, Andrew Penny on the Irish and Welsh Dances, and Anthony Meredith on The Three Musketeers, as well as many others whose work previously appeared in the Malcolm Arnold Society’s journals and newsletters.

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This book attests to Arnold’s utter professionalism. He could turn his fecund mind and hand to any medium and idea. In so doing he also wrote music that has endless charms and gleeful delights.

Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International