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Issue 6 October 2019
64 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • Arnold on the Small Screen by Alan Poulton
  • A Catalogue of Achievement: Alan Poulton’s early years by Anthony Meredith
  • Arnold’s feature films and their literary sources by Alan Poulton
  • Malcolm Arnold’s 1954 Incidental Music to The Tempest by Thomas Nettle
  • The Arnold Documentaries by Alan Poulton
  • From the archives: Beckus 2005–2008

Price: £10

Issue 5 October 2018
64 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • Malcolm Arnold’s concertos: masterpieces of mélange by Isaac Adni
  • “Just great”: Malcolm Arnold’s Clarinet Concerto No.2, Op.115 by Eleanor Fox
  • The Arnold Quartets revisited by Piers Burton-Page
  • Lamond Clelland: piccolo player by Alan Poulton
  • Arnold’s shortest symphony: the Toy Symphony by Alan Poulton
  • Fantasy for Harp by Osian Ellis
  • Pilot Officer Philip Arnold (1919-1940) by Anthony Meredith
  • Elgar’s influence on Malcolm Arnold by Dr Raphael Thoene
  • Malcolm Arnold and the BBC by Alan Poulton
  • From the archives: Beckus 2004

Price: £10 £7.50

Issue 4 October 2017
64 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • More Fantasies for Solo Instruments
  • Thomas Merritt: “Music is meat and drink to me”
  • Arnold’s ‘other’ Ballets
  • Arnold film and concert music on 7″ vinyl
  • Invitation to the Dance
  • The Symphonies of Malcolm Arnold
  • Letters between Malcolm Arnold and William Walton
  • Donald Mitchell on Malcolm Arnold
  • From the archives: Beckus 2002-2003

Price: £10 £5.00

Issue 3 October 2016maestro_3
64 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • The brass instrument Fantasies
  • Through the soloists’ eyes: Harmonica concerto
  • Arnold’s published film music
  • The Haweses: a musical family
  • A bibliographical update
  • From the archives: Beckus 2000-2002

Price: £10 £5.00

Issue 2 October 2015maestro_2

  • Henry Christophe and other operas
  • Dennis Brain and the Horn Concerto
  • Birmingham International Wind Competition 1966
  • National Youth Orchestra
  • Kwai: a cinematic review
  • Arnold on LP

Price: £10 £5.00

Issue 1 October 2014maestro_1
Articles from Beckus 1991-2000 including:

  • Malcolm Arnold and Jon Lord
  • The ballet music
  • Malcolm Arnold and me (by Joe Mendoza)
  • Film music: the Arnold-Lean trilogy

Price: £10 £5.00

Complete Print Discography 2015
Including rare and deleted items 20 pages

Price: £2.00

Beckus – All Back Issues
The complete back issues of the Beckus Society newsletter, from 1991, when the Society was founded, to the present.
These are available in PDF format on CD.

Price: £15.00

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