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Beckus Newsletter No 118 – Autumn 2020

Are you a member of the Malcolm Arnold Society?

Then the brand new issue of Beckus (No 118) should be with you.

If you are not yet a member: Just click here!

The contents:

  • 15th International Malcolm Arnold Festival
  • Society get-together
  • The Fourth Symphony revisited by Piers Burton-Page
  • An encourager of young musicians by John Pearn
  • Ann Pinhey remembers Malcolm Arnold
  • London Baroque Ensemble 1948
  • Horn Concerto No.2: How the manuscript got to the USA
  • The film music: looking for Vol.3
  • The choral music: CD required! / List of choral works
  • The Colonel Bogey saga
  • Film and TV trivia
  • Music for Candlemas Night
  • Performances in lockdown