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Beckus Newsletter No 127 – Winter 2022

The brand new issue of Beckus (No. 127) is out!

This is the quarterly newsletter for our members.
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Beckus 127

The contents:

17th Festival full of delights

Ken Talbot: our new Membership Secretary

Update on the blue plaque

More from Dave Hurwitz

Malcolm Arnold on BBC Sounds

New Maestro

Peterloo Overture (choral version)

Malcolm Arnold and Ruth Gipps

Humph and Colonel Bogey

Symphony No 4 at Worthing

Performance Diary

Sir Malcolm’s wonderful music superbly portrays the conflict between patriotism and liberty and the hope and failure of ideals, so often destroyed by willful incomprehension of the unfamiliar.

Sir Tim Rice on the Peterloo Overture