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Maestro Journal No 8 – October 2022

The Journal of the Malcolm Arnold Society

Issue 8 was released in early November 2022

Price: £10. To order please contact Terry. It includes p&p in the UK.

Maestro 8

Issue 8 October 2022
68 pages, with colour illustrations:

  • To what extent is Malcolm Arnold a misunderstood composer? by Becky-Ellice Creighton 
  • Malcolm Arnold and the CRMS by Ian Graham-Jones
  • Reassessing Arnold by Piers Burton-Page
  • Malcolm Arnold’s scrapbook by David Dunstan
  • Capel Garmon: the Arnolds’ retreat by Paul Harris
  • Lost and found by Alan Poulton
  • Arnold’s legacy by Piers Burton-Page
  • The cadenza of Malcolm Arnold’s Second Clarinet Concerto by
    Peter Cigleris, Brian Inglis and Paul Harris
  • The New Elizabethan Soundtrack by Stephen Banfield
  • From the archives: articles from Beckus 2009-2014

The two Arnold “film score manuscripts” which had caught my eye were for the 1952 feature film The Sound Barrier [MS.Mus.b.532] and the 1948 documentary film Report on Steel [MS. Mus.b.533] and were shelved alongside other film scores (some dyeline copies, one original) by, among others, Georges Auric and Aaron Copland.

Excerpt from “Lost and found” by Alan Poulton